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Why Does it Take a Pandemic to Care About Prevention? Protect Our Seniors.

The world is about to change in many ways. We will soon understand, accept and be comfortable with a new normal. One thing is for sure; we will all become familiar with remote monitoring. This technology can help seniors and their Circle of Care stay in touch, as well as share health information from a distance.

Remote monitoring is not new. It has been around for years. Manufacturers of this great remote monitoring technology have been wondering why it has taken so long for health systems, insurance companies, Medicare and the general public to adopt it. Unfortunately, we are now in a reactionary position, instead of a preventative position. Can you imagine how easy it would have been for senior communities and the Circle of Care to be there from anywhere if age-in-place technology was already deployed before the chaos of COVID-19? Can you imagine a world where notifications are sent via text or email straight to a family portal and/or nurses’ stations with relevant information about residents' and loved ones? What we're trying to say here is: this technology already exists.

BeHomeSafe's senior monitoring devices are helping our members get through this crisis in the following ways:

1. Send real-time health peripherals to family from a distance, making social distancing possible.

2. Notify Circle of Care of any change in health peripherals before a catastrophe occurs.

3. Provide peace of mind regarding the most vulnerable family members.

4. Enable seniors to call for help with voice-activated devices.

The reality is, in the face of COVID-19, people across the country will scramble to deploy and install this remote monitoring technology that is so helpful at a time like this. Our goal is to make sure everyone is ahead of the next catastrophe, whatever that might look like for your aging loved one.

Let us help your Circle of Care do better. Most of the solutions that provide these much-needed health and home activity monitoring capabilities are under $400, with monthly plans to keep you connected for only $80. How much will COVID-19 cost us? A lot more…

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