BeHomeSafe is based on Marc Cayle's 10+ years of in-home care experience, combined with John Wright's Age In Place certification, so that our clients can have the confidence that our solutions are the best available. Our team of specialists will customize your solution based on your individual needs. Read more.

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Click, Ship, Kick. Why the “Last Mile” is so Important to Success

You may find yourself scouring the internet for age-in-place technology solutions for your loved ones. During your search, you might come across a website that promotes an easy solution, prompting you to click on the technology solution for your parent and order it. The website states that, “it’s so easy, anyone can connect it”, or “plug and play” right?

Now, place rubber bands on your knuckles, pebbles in your shoes and rub Vaseline on your glasses and see how easy anything is (this is actually how we trained care givers to have empathy for our clients when I previously owned in-home care agencies!) It's not to say that all seniors face this level of difficultly, but what I do believe is that senior-related technology should be dealt with differently in the last mile, which is what takes place after the click and ship. In this case, the last mile is what takes place after the box lands on your loved one’s front porch. After a sale, clients are typically kicked to the curb. BeHomeSafe intends to change that for our members.

We start with an in-depth, proprietary in-home assessment that focuses on each individual’s physical home, their physical state of being, health concerns, mobility, nutrition, safety and more. This way, we get a holistic understanding of the needs and wants of our members. Yes, I said members. The assessment helps us determine which technologies are best for each individual.

For example, if someone has nutritional challenges, we can place a sensor on the refrigerator to alert loved ones that it was accessed each day. If the home has a history of loosing power, we can alert if the power goes out. If there are chronic illnesses such as Congestive Heart Failure, we can notify about weight gain, an indicator that health is declining. Hypertension would include a Blood Pressure monitor with threshold alerts. If someone is active and wants to stay safe while out and about, we offer Mobile Personal Emergency Response with PGS location, automatic fall detection. The list is endless and individualized. We deliver the solutions, install them, train your loved one how to use them and follow their progress personally.

Everyone we work with becomes a member of the BeHomeSafe family. We go through the journey together, knowing their technology needs may change over time. BeHomeSafe is different because we coordinate our services with in-home care, geriatric care management, home modification, meal delivery, hearing aid and other age-in-place businesses that offer exclusive, white-glove services to our members.

Let us put an end to the Click, Ship, Kick routine.

Visit our website https://www.behomesafe.net and schedule our free in-home assessment to get started. We look forward to you becoming a part of our family.

Marc Cayle