BeHomeSafe is based on Marc Cayle's 10+ years of in-home care experience, combined with John Wright's Age In Place certification, so that our clients can have the confidence that our solutions are the best available. Our team of specialists will customize your solution based on your individual needs. Read more.

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Don't Worry Boomers... We Got This!

There has never been a better time to age! What you witnessed when your

grandparents were getting older does not apply today. The stigma of unpleasant nursing

homes, now referred to as 'Continuum of Care Communities', is not nearly as

prevalent today. The reason being, Boomers will not stand for the way their

grandparents aged. They want a golden ticket to their golden years and they are the

biggest demographic in history, so those working on making it nicer are listening.

The most impactful change to how people are aging is due to age-in-place technology and

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). As Boomers age, they will be continue to be very tech savvy and will be able to manage much of their care from anywhere.

We will all be working together to make sure that Boomers can live the way they want and wherever they want as they age with the dignity and respect they deserve.