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The "AMAZONation" Effect on Home-Centric Seniors

Say goodbye to the last mile?

Barneys New York, JC Penney, Walgreens, Sports Authority, countless large retailers, and too-many-to-count independent stores have or will close due to the Amazon effect. What happens to the hands-on, white-glove approach that comes with a positive in-store experience? It vanishes. How are the adult children of home-centric seniors supposed to buy technology solutions online (while at work) and get them shipped to their parent’s home, only to have them sit in the box? Folks, this is what we call the last mile.

It will be essential for people recovering from an illness, rehabbing at home and aging in-place to get assistance with in-home technology solutions installation, training and follow-up support. No matter how easy the product is to use, there will always be a place for hands-on assistance. The internet is a great tool for research and discovering new solutions, and it's an important step towards the ultimate goal of any purchase. You may even be reading this right now after searching with a key word that relates to aging in place. BeHomeSafe handles the last mile by creating a nurturing learning environment for the home-centric senior and their circle of care. We walk our members through every step, from the in-home assessment and decision process to installation and training.

More and more aging people are embracing technology and it will become even easier

once product designers and manufacturers understand how this segment of the population wants to interact (or not) with the solutions they offer. One such company, ONKÖL, has cracked the code, offering an elegant, simple yet robust offering. A beautiful, cellular-connected hub gathers information from Activity of Daily Living (ADL) sensors such as motion, door/window, temperature, bed/chair mats and more. Health peripherals such as weight scales, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitors also send the data through ONKÖL to anyone who wants the information via text, email and the new portal that visually displays all of the data with easily-understood charts. Verbal reminders for medications and daily health monitoring are also included. ONKÖL has even gone a step beyond Telehealth by offering home automation through a Personal Emergency Response pendant that activates a door lock and lights when pressed. This enables an emergency response teams to access the home without breaking down the front door. ONKÖL has chosen to enter the consumer market with BeHomeSafe because, while simple to use, they want to make sure that the support is there if needed.

Amazon is great for many purchases, but it will lead to the end of the last mile. We aim to keep home-centric seniors and their circle of care in mind as we provide the concierge services they expected to have at their favorite store - now that they're closing for good.