BeHomeSafe is based on Marc Cayle's 10+ years of in-home care experience, combined with John Wright's Age In Place certification, so that our clients can have the confidence that our solutions are the best available. Our team of specialists will customize your solution based on your individual needs. Read more.

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Aging People Deserve Cool Stuff Too!

Just because people have a little silver in their hair doesn’t mean they don’t want cool technology. According to Lori Orlov’s latest blog post, which quoted LinkAge's technology survey of older adults, 80% of respondents have smartphones. This LinkAge article also states that the aging population is happy with the technology that they have and would rather not go out and get the latest technology if their current technology works just fine.

At the same time, smartphone ownership among older adults has sky-rocketed just in the last 3 years. Smart phone ownership jumped from 54% to 81% among 70-74-year olds, 53% to 80% for 75-79-year olds, and a whopping 27% to 65% for 80-84-year-olds. Limitations in wi-fi access for age-in-place seniors still remains a factor for technology adoption, especially in lower-income households. The LinkAge poll states that “WIFI access is the is the largest barrier for entry and scale into the older adult demographic”.

How can we make cool tech accessible? BeHomeSafe provides exactly what age in place seniors are looking for. Most do not want to have multiple vendors to serve them different tech if it could be from one trusted source that offered education about simple solutions with personal assistance at an affordable price. The ability to really get to know someone and understand their specific wants and needs is paramount to creating a comfortable environment to make these decisions.

The LinkedAge survey states, “the automated transaction from start to finish is no longer appealing for many older adults… they now have the time and desire to have personal contact and conversations with others”. By combining this personal service with technologies like ONKÖL and other “cool” tech, we have an opportunity to make a real difference in peoples' lives and offer it exactly the way they want it. ONKÖL combines home security, home automation, activities of daily living and remote health monitoring all in a single hub. The open-architecture allows people to use readily available security, automation and health devices instead of making them change what they are comfortable with. It is truly a game changer for the industry.