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Aging Parents Bring New Holiday Sights, Smells, and Memories

Were the sights, smells and memories of the holidays not quite what you expected?

When we gathered up the kids and bags, stuffed them in the rental car and arrived at Mom and Dad’s house for the holidays, our anticipation rivaled so many family events. Would they notice how big the kids have grown? Would they notice my greying hair? Would the kids be as mindful and respectful as I hoped? Would the memories of passed holidays, both good and challenging, be the center of the conversation? While all of these are usual and customary during a visit, you may have noticed a few things that are not quite “normal”:

  • Was there a bit more dust on the mantle than in the past?

  • Were a few light bulbs out?

  • Were window locks not locked?

  • Did the refrigerator have a funky smell?

  • Was the TV remote nowhere to be found?

  • Was there lint built-up in the dryer vent screen?

While these situations don’t necessarily mean a dementia diagnosis, it does mean that Mom and/or Dad may need a little extra help. It also means that you will need peace of mind in knowing that they are keeping up with important things, such as nutrition, health, and safety.

Technology can play a simple and affordable role in keeping your parents home, where they want to be, for as long as possible.

  • An ONKÖL hub from BeHomeSafe can be paired with door sensors for the fridge, stove, microwave, and oven so you can be alerted when the doors open, a sure sign that they are trying to eat/cook. Water sensors can notify you if the tub has been left on or the sump pump stopped working. Motion sensors can be used in the bathroom to notify about abnormally high use that could flag urinary tract infections or food poisoning. Temperature sensors detect if it is too hot or cold in the home.

  • There is a new, affordable fall detection system that does not require any wearable so Mom and Dad don’t have to have a pendant on for it to work in the home.

  • New, cool looking watches now have GPS location, fall detection, heart rate, step counters and also pair with blue tooth scales and blood pressure cuffs.

Simple, affordable technology solutions can help keep the holiday visits about the relationships, sights, smells and memories.