BeHomeSafe is based on Marc Cayle's 10+ years of in-home care experience, combined with John Wright's Age In Place certification, so that our clients can have the confidence that our solutions are the best available. Our team of specialists will customize your solution based on your individual needs. Read more.

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BeHomeSafe has been built based on over 15 years of senior-related care and technology research. We have sourced the best technology that allows people to age in place, wherever that may be. Most importantly, you will age with dignity and respect.

The age of ugly, reactive devices is over. Seniors deserve cool stuff! They deserve beautiful, simple technology that fits with their lifestyle. Recovering from an injury or surgery, living alone after the loss of a life partner, or just wanting the security and peace of mind for their loves ones; just some of the reasons why BeHomeSafe exists.

We will continue to scour the globe for fantastic ways to help you keep your dignity and respect. Stay with us on our journey. We promise to be there for you every step of the way.

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