BeHomeSafe is based on Marc Cayle's 10+ years of in-home care experience, combined with John Wright's Age In Place certification, so that our clients can have the confidence that our solutions are the best available. Our team of specialists will customize your solution based on your individual needs. Read more.

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Minimum overhead, maximum returns.

We will be accepting franchise applications beginning Summer 2020.


There are seven critical indicators that are required to identify an industry ripe for franchising:

  1. A growing market with built-in demand

  2. Extremely fragmented, “mom and pop” existing businesses that prove the demand

  3. Unorganized marketing

  4. Lack of technology for office and back-end management

  5. Lack of branding in place

  6. Multiple recurring revenue streams that create free cash

  7. Low overhead


The Personal Emergency Response (PERS), Mobile Emergency Response (mPERS) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) industry checks every single box!


BeHomeSafe is the FIRST franchise company in this space and it is wide open for a first-mover to take advantage of this huge opportunity. The industry is growing exponentially on the front-end of aging baby boomers; aka the “silver tsunami.” In fact, this is the largest demographic trend in history. 

The Market:

The PERS market is expected to be a $136.8 billion industry by 2021 (Alllied Market Research). The current dealer base has penetrated less than 5% of the addressable market with projections hitting 9%-24% of the addressable market by 2030 (Edmonds grp/TRG Associates).

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